The Shifting Risk
Landscape – People

In the last two decades, the IT industry has been inundated with tools to detect and mitigate threats from “somewhere else.”

In less than twenty years, we went from the SQL Slammer worm that spread worldwide in just 10 minutes to sophisticated ransomware that has cost businesses and municipalities hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our deployment of firewalls and anti-malware protection technologies drove perpetrators to a predictable vector – people – first via email.

In the decade of the 20’s, that will still remain a threat, and although there are technologies being deployed that offer some protection, getting to quantum risk is going to require paying more attention to human behavior.

The Decade of the IoT

Studies indicate the proliferation of very low-cost sensors and communications componentry will drive down the costs of controls for almost everything.

But this drive to bring intelligence into processes is opening enormous gaps in terms of protection. In too many cases, the very long life-cycles of some of these devices far outstrip the supplier/vendor’s ability to maintain effective security.

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